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Ultimate Guide on Cooking Food On A Fire Basket Or Chimenea Grill

It’s become an ongoing Summer tradition to hit a few of the day festivals a couple of times a year, which includes filling up on protein before the festivities, so we’re fuelled with enough substance to carry us through the encroaching 12hrs of “dancing” (for the lack of better words). A few years back the […]

What Are Outdoor Garden Chimeneas Used For?

There are a good few reasons why buying a chimenea should be top of you priority list, but if you’re reading this article, it means you may not be aware of all the reasons. But that’s where we can help… D├ęcor If you take pride, care and attention in the appearance of your garden or […]

Which Chimenea & What Are The Differences – Clay, Cast Iron or Steel?

This is where those in the market to buy a Chimenea get stumped, and understandably so. Clay, Cast Iron, or Steel? Hopefully we’ll be able to shed some light onto the matter and make your decision easier. Clay Chimeneas Clay chimeneas are rustic, colourful and have beautiful designs and patterns. Consider this, would it fit […]

Chimenea Useage & Care Guide

What are Chimeneas suitable for? There are so many reasons why Chimeneas are so awesome, but they’re mainly used for the following: Create heat Cook food Decoration Waste disposal To create an epic environment for hosting guests/parties Where do I put my Chimenea? Put your chimenea anywhere in your garden or patio, but use common […]