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Product Disclaimer

  • The products you see on our website and in the photos can sometimes look different to the naked eye. This can be down to lighting and the quality of the photograph. The product description will give you an accurate guide to colour however we cannot guarantee when you receive the product that it will be 100% exactly the same. Our products are handmade and painted by hand and can differ from one product to the next.
  • Mexican Chimeneas are fired in a clay oven, this means it will cause kiln cracks and other small imperfections that are surface level, but they will not impact the functionality of your product.
  • The manufacturer determines our policy and we will always keep to their warranty for fixing, and/or exchanging faulty products.
  • The products on our site require care and attention. Please follow instructions at all times to ensure you get the most from your product and replacing it is not required. For example, a clay chimenea cannot be replaced if it cracks the first time you use it because you made the fire too big too quickly. Nor can a steel chimenea be replaced due to rust because it has not been covered.
  • Once a product has been purchased and used, we reserve the right to not refund, exchange or accept returns for any damages to the product.