Firepit & Fire Bowl Usage & Care Guide

What are Firepits/bowls suitable for?

For cooking (with a grill) and heating an outdoor space. They also look great. They’re perfect for setting the scene for an intimate gathering, moonlit rendezvous and all night parties.

Firepits burn natural fuel and garden waste creating a fire and invoking the spirit of the prehistoric in all of us..

What’s the difference between a firepit/bowl e.g. do they serve different functions?

There is no difference in functionality, both pit and bowl are essentially used for the same purposes as above, however Fire Pits may be sunken into the ground somewhat and can have a flat bottom, whereas a fire Bowl has a convex bottom and is rested upon legs above ground.

Where do I put my Firepit/bowl?

You can put your brand new Outdoor Heat Firepit/Bowl anywhere outdoors. If you wish to position on a lawn we recommend you place a slab or some bricks under the legs of the bowl (maintaining balance) and under the pit body itself to avoid scorching the grass underneath.

It’s important to adhere to the safety information provided in the product and enjoy your firepit/bowl. DO NOT MOVE WHILST IN USE.

What fuel do I use?

We recommend wood or untreated logs and charcoal for cooking (if the model has this function). We have a range of suitable fuels in our online shop.

We don’t recommend using treated logs such as kiln dried logs, because they can burn at high temperatures potentially causing damage to the product over time.

Can I reuse old fuel?

You can, but, it is not recommended as old fuel burns dirty and is inefficient, meaning that you will have to replace the fuel all the same in a very short space of time. Old fuel can also damage the design and structure of the Firepit/Bowl by darkening and staining the product.

How do I put my Firepit/bowl out?

If you cannot wait for the firepit to naturally burn away its light, which is the recommended process for putting the Fire out in our Firepits/bowls, alternatively you can use water but make sure the Firepit/bowl is dried straight away.

How and when do I need to clean my Firepit/bowl?

They should be emptied regularly, kept dry when not in use and we recommend a firepit weatherproof cover is used for all of our Firepits & bowls.

After using your firepit you might be tempted to clean it out straight away, but You MUST wait until the firepit & ash/fuel has cooled down. Once adequate time has elapsed and its safe, clean out the ash from the firepit using a dust-pan and brush, a pair of gloves, and if you are being extra cautious a dust mask and goggles.

Cleaning the outside of your firepit is a personal choice. Some would rather go with an authentic look, while others want it to shine and sparkle. It’s fine to use water to clean the outside of your firepit- using a damp cloth or hose as long as your are confident that the weather conditions will help it to dry fully.

Do I need to protect my Firepit/bowl from rain/water?

The Firepits/Bowls will need protection from our lovely British weather. We sell the perfect made to measure firepit covers for all or Firepits/bowls. The covers protect from rain and frost and keep your new Outdoor Heat product in full working order all year round.

Is it safe to cook food on my Firepit/bowl? Do I need any special kind of fuel?


Charcoal is recommended for cooking food on your Firepit/Bowl and you may also need one of our chrome cooking grills.