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Garden Fire Pits / Tables / Bowls

Firepits and bowls are not only great for creating heat, but also the design feature everyone is looking for in their garden or outdoor space this year. They are inexpensive and easy to use, great for patios and courtyards, surround the fire with your outdoor furniture and relax by the flickering flames.

We currently have 61 to choose from:

Introduction to Garden Fire Pits, Tables & Bowls

Firepits & fire bowls create the perfect ambiance to a cool British evening. They are a great way of containing heat, and can easily be moved to your favourite spot in the garden or on the patio.

View our ever growing range of firepits & bowls! Made from robust steel, our firepits can withstand high temperatures making it possible to create roaring fires with high temperatures.

Each firepit & bowl has a lid or mesh spit guard to protect onlookers from any stray sparks from the fire.

We have a range of shapes, sizes and types of firepits from small to extra-large, in black, blue, orange, lime, and red. We also have firepits with grills for barbequing or cooking pizza oven firepits, even fold away compact camping firepits for when you are feeling adventurous.

There is a fire pit to suit everyone.

A short history of Fire Pits and Bowls

Without fire it would be difficult to say what human life would look like today. Fire has been part of human evolution and over thousands of years has gone from an essential tool for survival to a luxury element we indulge in for leisure.

Evidence of fire pits appeared in the Palaeolithic period (roughly 2.5 million years ago to 10,000 B.C.); rock or stone formations discovered by archaeologists provided evidence of containment of fire in a circular space. Holes in the ground left by nomadic cultures and other such fire pits have provided vast amounts of information on history from the tools and methods of living to people’s diets.

In the modern age, civilisation advanced and use of metals and other materials became commonplace, the fire bowl was born. A manufactured version of the fire pit, which has been multi-functional…

What are Firepits & Bowls used for [today]?

A warm social space

Fire pits and Fire bowls create a social space for people to come together. There is something very communal about sitting round a fire, facing your friends and family while enjoying the heat and ambience the fire gives off.

Mood enhancing

The smell of burning wood and sound of the fire crackling lifts up your senses and enhances your mood. It’s commonly used to assist with relaxation and therapy.


Modern fire pits and bowls often come with a grill which brings a new element and added layer of social interaction; cooking and eating around the fire is an experience that most of us enjoy.

Home Decor

Fire pits and bowls are commonly used as eye-pleasing decor, both inside and outside the home. They look great and they definitely add character.