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Chimenea & Firepit Burning Logs / Fuel

Eco-friendly & sustainable burning logs and fuel suitable for outdoors & cooking

A tree is planted with every fire wood box purchased!

If you’ve recently purchased an outdoor firepit, fire basket or a chimenea, you may be looking for eco-friendly burning logs and BBQ fuel to use for your new investment – so that you can enjoy the cooking opportunities, warmth, and ambience in the cleanest and most enjoyable way.

All of our fuel is supplied by Woolly firewood, an amazing company dedicated to providing eco-friendly burning logs and sustainability.

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Everything you need to know about burning Wood/Fuel In Chimeneas & Fire Pits

In this guide, we’ll answer all the burning questions about firepit burning wood or chimenea burning logs. What products are the best? How can you build a roaring, hot fire in your new chimenea or fire pit?

Read on to get all of the information you need about chimenea, firepit, and BBQ burning logs!

Is burning wood in a Chimenea or Firepit eco-friendly?

Yes. Though it may not seem like it, burning logs in a firepit, BBQ or chimenea is a completely eco-friendly thing to do, particularly if you purchase wood from an environmentally-friendly supplier.

Burning wood is almost completely carbon-neutral. While burning logs does release some carbon into the atmosphere, its impact is minimal, particularly when compared to other energy sources like propane and natural gas.

In addition, if a tree that’s cut down for fuel is replaced with a new tree after it’s harvested, the new tree will absorb and process carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, further reducing its carbon footprint.

Our fuel supplier donates 20% of their profits towards projects that help support biodiversity and wildlife, and they plant one tree for every box sold!

So if you’re worried about eco-friendliness when burning wood in your chimenea or firepit, don’t be! Whether you’re cooking or just relaxing by the fire, burning natural wood is not harmful to the environment.

What wood or fuel is the best for Chimeneas and Firepits?

Any wood that will burn easily can be used for your BBQ, firepit, or chimenea. You can feel free to gather fallen wood from around your garden or nearby wooded areas, and dry it out for later use.

But if you want the best of the best, you’ll want to look for wood with the following attributes:

  • Low moisture content – Low moisture content is ideal for BBQ burning wood and chimenea burning wood, particularly if you’re planning to cook on your firepit or chimenea. The lower the moisture content, the more consistently the logs will burn, and the higher the temperature of your fire will be.
  • Responsibly sourced & processed – We always recommend shopping for wood that has been sustainably and responsibly sourced and processed. For example, our supplied logs are processed and dried using 100% renewable energy from a biogas plant. Making these products a great option if you’re worried about the environment.
  • Low in tar – Some types of woods, particularly those high in sap and moisture content, will leave behind tar and nasty black residue on your firepit or chimenea, which can be hard to clean away and remove. We recommend looking for wood with a low tar content to keep your fire pit or chimenea in better shape.

What are the best smokeless logs for Chimeneas and Firepits?

If you want a clean-burning fire with very little smoke, the most important thing to look for is wood with a very low moisture content. “Kiln dried” chimenea burning wood and firepit burning wood is a great option.

Kiln dried wood is usually made of hardwood, and it’s processed using large kilns that bake off the excess moisture, typically resulting in logs that have a moisture content of less than 20%.

Why does this matter for BBQ burning logs and firepit burning logs? Well, the majority of smoke is generated when wood does not combust properly in a fire.

If the wood you’re using is high in moisture content, it will not combust completely, and it may smolder and start smoking instead of burning. This results in nasty smoke that can blow around in your face.

If you choose clean-burning, kiln-dried logs, there will be minimal smoke when you burn them in a firepit, BBQ, or chimenea. This results in a stronger fire, less smoke to bother you, and less buildup of tar on your appliance!

How can I build the most effective fire in my Firepit Or Chimenea?

As long as you have the right fuel, it’s easy to build a roaring, energetic, and hot fire in your firepit or chimenea. Here’s what you need to do.

  • 1) Begin by creating a small pile of kindling. Use dried, small pieces of wood that will catch on fire easily.
  • 2) Underneath this pile, put some tinder, such as dry leaves, old newspaper, dryer lint, or any other material that will light easily and provide plenty of heat.
  • 3) Light the tinder, and allow it to catch the kindling on fire. Once the kindling is burning strongly, add a few more pieces of kindling, along with two or three smaller pieces of firewood.
  • 4) After the firewood has begun burning, the fire should be roaring and strong, and you can continue to place more firewood on the fire as needed to keep it going.

For ambiance and warmth, you should continue adding firewood to your fireplace periodically. But if you’re cooking, consider only adding a few pieces of firewood, then allowing the fire to “burn down” to hot coals. This process usually takes about 45 minutes, so plan accordingly.

Coals provide the best, most consistent heat for cooking, and it’s easier to manage cooking over coals, since the fire will not be as high and you’ll be less likely to accidentally burn yourself.

Choose the right burning logs to get the most out of your Chimenea and Firepit!

We hope this guide has helped you learn a little bit more about the best logs for your outdoor fireplace, whether it be for light, cooking, or creating warmth.

Looking to get your hands on some high-quality fuel for your BBQ, chimenea, or firepit? We’re here to help! Browse our lineup of firewood and kindling, and get the outdoor supplies you need to enjoy your firepit or chimenea.