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Electric Garden Heating Lamps

Electric patio heaters are a fantastic energy and money saving alternative to gas heaters costing a fraction of the price of gas.

We have a great selection of electric heaters for you to choose from: free standing, hanging, table-top, wall and tripod mounted -  each offering a range of heat settings providing up to 2100w of heat output.

We currently have 15 to choose from:

Introduction to electric outdoor garden/patio heaters

Our electric patio heaters are made from lightweight metal in silver effect or black, whatever your preference. They’re easy to move, fix or attach in your favourite outdoor spaces.

The infrared and halogen bulbs provide an instant heat to the skin surface as soon as they are plugged into the mains.

The electric heaters found in our range provide instant and direct heat to the skin and warm up targeted and specific areas.

They are economic and environmentally friendly running at an unbelievably low cost at around 8/9 pence per Kw hour; less than one third of the cost of gas. Reduce your carbon foot print with our electric heaters. They are silent, light and you don’t have to worry about servicing, safety and refuelling. Buy your electric heaters today!

Are Electric outdoor heaters waterpoof?

All of our electric heaters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

They can be permanently fixed outdoors and are 100% water proof. They are designed to divert rain and water flow away from functioning elements, they also have glass screens for maximum protection. The rain cannot or water cannot harm your electric heater at the source of heat (The heater lamp/or bulbs) but the rain and water can damage the electrical supply if you do not use the appropriate waterproof plug sockets and/or extension lead.

Free standing electric heaters can withstand all weather conditions apart from heavy winds. Heavy winds can cause free standing heaters to be blown over and damaged. Fixing your free standing heater securely to a flat surface will guarantee that your heater will not be blown over but in extremely high winds the lightweight mental could potentially be compromised.

Do not use your outdoor electric heater during lightning storms, there is a small chance they could act as a conductor. Turn the electricity off at the mains.

More information

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