Traditional Mexican Clay Chimineas

Chimeneas has become a must-have garden accessories in the UK – their charm and versatility make them a great additional to any garden.

While we sell a vast range of chimineas, including modern steel chimineas, the Mexican clay models are the most traditional, and often thought of as the most attractive, with their bright and unique designs.

Browse through our extensive range of traditional style Mexican clay chimineas. Great for heating, entertaining, and BBQs!

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A brief history of the traditional Mexican Clay Chiminea

The first known Chimineas were far less exuberant than today’s colourful artistic pieces, and they performed essential functions for survival.

We are talking 400 to 500 years ago, during the 17th century, and although the structures were less robust and lacked a decorative finish, they are still considered to be innovative for that time period.

A great deal has changed between then and now, Mexican chimineas are no longer essential for survival but they can still serve the same functions and with the advancement in design and technology they have become an essential accessory for your garden or outdoor living space.

The Modern Mexican Chiminea

Technological ingenuity has led to modern Mexican Chimineas being extremely durable, burning at much higher temperatures.

The intricate embossed clay work and colourful hand painted artwork are a compliment to today’s long lasting Mexican Chimineas, and they provide the finish that make them so special.

How are Mexican Clay Chimineas Made?

Still a thriving Mexican industry, clay chimenea manufacturing supports both local industry and community.

Small factories fire up kilns of varying size, some holding up to 100 Mexican chimeneas in one blast. The clay structures are kiln dried at temperatures as high as 1000c to dry the clay to an almost stone like consistency.

Clay used to make the chimeneas is never 100 percent raw clay; they will always contain water and other organic matter.

Kiln fires burn off any excess materials leaving 100 percent raw porous clay.

A second firing at a higher temperature is completed to add a waterproof glaze. This seals the clay reducing the chance of cracking.

The craftsmen and women who operate these kilns take great pride in their work, making each product by hand, creating individual and unique Mexican chimeneas for your garden or outdoor living space.