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Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Cook up a feast for family and friends with our versatile range of outdoor cooking products. BBQ over a naked flame, bake in a pizza oven, and even take your portable stove and grill wherever you wish. 

Our chimeneas, firepits and firebaskets come with a chrome grill ideal for cooking outdoors. 

Enjoy the heat from the flames and aromas from the food in your garden or outdoor space.

We currently have 15 to choose from:

Be inspired with our Outdoor Cooking Equipment!

Cooking outdoors over an open fire is fun, challenging, but most importantly, it gives your food a unique and irreplaceable authentic flavor. Allow us to set the scene…

It’s Social – Cooking over an open flame is a spectacle, you have space that you wouldn’t indoors to bring a group of your favourite people together to share the experience (and amazing food).

It’s Fun – Let’s face it, cooking food outside and over a flame is fun; its different and makes a change from the norm of cooking inside a stuffy kitchen.

Amazing flavours – Barbecuing, flame grilling, smoking, and baking food over open flames offers a taste and flavor you wont get from a conventional cooker. Use your chimenea and grill to get a flame grilled smoky flavor. Use charcoal, various seasoned woods and herbs to create an explosion of flavor and sensory cooking experience.

The Great Outdoors – There isn’t a better feeling than being surrounded by the great outdoors; taking in the fresh air, listen to the birds tweet, and hopefully benefiting from plenty of Vitamin D.

Grab & Go – Many of our cooking appliances are conveniently portable, so you you’re not just limited to cooking in your back garden (if you’re fortunate enough to have one)- you can take them camping, to the park, on other outdoor day trips, or even to your friends & families.

Which should I buy and for what?

Ahh the confusing decisions. Which outdoor cooking appliance should you use to cook your feast? While all of our products will provide warmth, light and the means to cook amazing food, we do have several types available for purchase, so let us give you more of an explanation so you can decide which would be most suitable for your needs…

Chimenea with grill –  Ideal for flame grilling and smoking meat, with hot coals or seasoned wood, and foil to cook and protect other foods from direct heat. One of our best-selling chimenea’s is the Murcia Black Steel Chimenea with Chrome Grill.

Firepit with Grill – Similar to the chimenea, but generally speaking, you get a bigger cooking area with firepits. The larger grilling surface area means more food being cooked at one time, so better suited when entertaining and catering for friends & family.

Firebasket with Grill – More suitable for ‘finishing’ off meats (i.e. flame grill a steak after it’s already been cooked) because the grill is generally raised higher from the flame and has a more raw and aggressive flame, compared to Firepits & Chimeneas. We recommend the Vancouver Black steel Firebasket.

Best for camping – For those that enjoy outdoor activities and looking for the ideal cooking solution – look no further than our Cowboy Cookout 4-in-1 Universal Stove. It’s durable, it comes with a large cookpot with lid, ladle, flat plancha style frying pan and a chrome plated cooking grill. It can cook virtually anything!