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Garden Fire Baskets & Braziers

Browse Outdoor Heat’s range of fire baskets - multipurpose and versatile fire baskets can be used as a source of heat and to create an ambience at a party or event, or they can even be used to burn materials from garden waste to confidential documents.

We currently have 4 to choose from:

A brief history of Fire baskets / braziers

Fire goes back to the very beginning of man, and woman. It has performed live preserving functions for as long as we know. Fire baskets and braziers started to come into the picture in biblical times and there have been discoveries by archaeologists of structures that held fire and performed functions dating back thousands of years.

What is the difference between a Fire Basket and a Brazier?

A fire basket is often a steel or cast iron structure on legs.It can be intertwined or lattice grate or grills forming a basket shape hollow space for a fire.

A brazier is usually a metal closed container on legs with smaller air holes for air circulation.

What can you use Fire Baskets and braziers for?

Fire baskets and braziers were traditionally used for heating living space. They offer a larger space for burning a larger fire creating more heat for longer periods of time. They are multifunctional and can also be used to cook in and on with the addition of a BBQ grill or by placing food wrapped up in the hot embers. They are also a favourite for the keen gardener and can be used to burn garden waste. Fire baskets and Braziers are also a good alternative to a shredder for burning all of your unwanted confidential paperwork. You can even use your fire basket or brazier to burn a scented wood like apple or birch to set the scene at a garden party.

A quick recap on the best way to use your fire basket;

  • Outdoor Heat
  • BBQ/Grilling/Cooking
  • Burning Garden Waste
  • Burning Confidential Waste
  • Burning Scented Wood

Not only are Fire Baskets functional, they also make a great addition to add style to your garden; they come in a range of traditional and contemporary styles that will compliment your outdoor space.

For more information, please visit our Fire basket guides & resources.