Celtic Extra Large Charcoal Themed Dragon Mexican Chimenea


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      SKU: WYRE.55 Category:
      Mexican chimenea, made in Mexico
      Celtic design moulded in the body and funnel
      Burns wood, leaves hardly any ashes
      Clay absorbs heat and acts as radiator
      Complete with steel stand and clay lid
      125cm high including stand and lid
      No assembly required
      Painted in rustic finish
      Colour is charcoal grey
      Dimensions (L x W x H)55 × 55 × 125 cm
      Main ColourGrey
      SizeExtra Large

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      Enjoy a great outdoor experience with the Gardeco Celtic Chimenea and Firepit Range. Dragons are a very essential part of the Celtic mythology, they are seen as beings of immense power that affect the lands they inhabit and are seen as the gauardiansof the secrets and treasures of the universe. Dragons regurlarly appear side by side with with the Celtic Gods. They are symbols of power and wisdom among leaders. They are often seen as the most powerful of celtic symbols.

      Mexican chimeneas are the best functioning burners of all patio fires. Their structure and design, perfected over centuries in Central America make them the easiest chimeneas to light and the most efficient burners. No need for roaring fires, the clay becomes hot and radiates the heat. It is important you observe the instructions and maintenance recommendations.

      Mexican chimeneas are hand-made and hand-painted, so shapes and colours may vary slightly. The paint finish on this chimenea will discolour when fired or if left outside all the time. Colour changes do not affect use. Mexican chimeneas can be repainted.

      Additional information

      Dimensions (L x W x H)55 × 55 × 125 cm
      Main ColourGrey
      SizeExtra Large

      Care & Usage

      Mexican Clay Chimeneas are made using traditional methods so by nature the finish is often imperfect; they are a rustic product and no one Mexican Chimenea is the same. There may be surface-level cracks on the interior from the clay oven or mineral inclusions. These imperfections will not impact the use of the product and are completely normal for clay Chimeneas.

      Caring for your chimenea

      • Clay chimeneas can be impacted by the elements if not taken care of properly, so to minimise the effects of weathering please cover or store when not in use to keep the chimenea dry and out of the elements.
      • Clean out after every few uses to maintain optimal space for hot ambient fires.
      • Use the firing process of starting with a small, low fire and slowly build it up to help the material acclimatize to the extreme temperatures.
      • Clay is a very reliable material, but they require careful use, and seasoning with small fires to bake the clay solid.

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