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Infra-Red Radiant Heater with Bluetooth Speaker (2.4kW, Black, IP66)


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      SKU: JH-NR24-13C Categories: ,
      Dimensions (L x W x H)187 cm


      If you want to combine the efficient warmth of an infrared heater with a crisp and clear sound system, then an IR radiant heater with Bluetooth speaker could be just the thing for you. Like all Evergreen Pro products, these heaters are designed for easy installation and operation, letting you get the most of this unique heater/speaker combination.

      Effective IR Radiant Heater with Bluetooth Speaker
      Our infrared radiant speakers are built to a timeless design. Sleek, black, and slimline, they fit in with any kind of aesthetic you might have in your home or business. Thanks to their lightweight construction, you can hang them from any wall or ceiling and can even mount them to their own stand for maximum portability. Infrared radiant heaters can also be used indoors and outdoors with equal efficiency.

      Energy-efficient IR radiant heater with Bluetooth Speaker
      Speaking of efficiency, our heaters are designed to deliver incredible fuel efficiency. Powered by your mains electricity supply, each heater converts 95% of the energy into radiant heat. This is already much more efficient that gas heaters, or convection radiators. It is made even more so by its use of radiant heat, which is not dispersed by air currents. An IR radiant heater with Bluetooth speaker will heat up whatever is in front of it, rather than the air in the room.

      Our powerful 2.4kW radiant heaters are designed to provide even heat distribution at maximum efficiency within minutes of activation. Measuring 1870mm × 189mm × 67mm, they heat up to 13.5 m2 of indoor or outdoor space.

      Easy-to-install IR heaters
      Our infrared heaters can be affixed to ceilings and walls, as long as there is enough space around them to prevent overheating. We will provide you with the technical specifications required to mount your heater effectively, along with the tools and components to do so. If you want a portable IR radiant heater with Bluetooth speaker that you can position outside, we also provide custom-built stands for this.

      Built to last
      When you buy an IR radiant heater from Evergreen Pro, you are making a good investment. Anti-corrosion materials and robust manufacturing processes ensure a quality product designed to last. It is waterproof and dustproof to IP66 rating, which allows it to be left outdoors, even in inclement weather conditions.

      A great sound system
      With our 3D stereo sound Bluetooth Speaker, you can route any music from your phone or other Bluetooth device direct to the heater. This is great if you’re using it in your garden or some other outdoor setting as you get to stay warm while also listening to your favourite music. What better way to spend a chilly evening?

      Easy to operate
      This model of IR radiant heater comes with a remote control with its own LCD screen for operating and monitoring the temperature levels and the volume of the speakers. With four heat settings (25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%) and 30 time logs for automating your IR heater, the remote can be used for single heaters or multiple models across your property. If you would rather, you can also use a dedicated iOS or Android app to control the heater and speakers.

      The infrared radiant heater with Bluetooth speaker features individual and group control, making it ideal for shared spaces.

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