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North Star Blacksmith Solid Iron Swivel Grill (Fire bowl NOT included)


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      Dimensions (L x W x H)70 × 140 cm
      BrandNorth Star Blacksmith
      ExtrasIron arm and post, Iron arm and post with grill


      This isn’t a cheap piece of rickety nonsense you find in a garden centre, not on your Nellie! This is a very sturdily made piece of iron work hand made in a Cotswold workshop, by North Star Blacksmith.

      The Support is hand forged out of overly chunky solid iron bar to make sure it’s extremely robust and ready for decades of active use.

      Its ingenuous friction-swivel design means the grill can be set at any height above the fire for the perfect cooking heat. Then to add or remove food from the grill it can simply be swivelled to the side and out of the heat.

      Designed to fit with a whopping 60cm grill. Perfect for hearty helpings and plenty of guests. Available with a handmade stainless steel grill, it’s the heaviest grill on the market and made to survive years of constant use.

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      Dimensions (L x W x H)70 × 140 cm
      BrandNorth Star Blacksmith
      ExtrasIron arm and post, Iron arm and post with grill

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