Fire Basket Useage & Care Guide

What are Fire Baskets suitable for?

Fire baskets were traditionally used to burn garden waste, but they’ve evolved into a multi-functional tool since then. They are also a good alternative to a shredder to dispose of your confidential documents. More commonly though, they’re used as a central piece to create heat and a great atmosphere for a social outdoor gathering.

Where do I put my Fire basket?

Check the direction of the wind before you decide where to place your fire basket, you don’t want to fill your house or washing line with smoke. Also consider the size of the fire and the heat coming from it, keep it away from anything that could ignite or suffer heat damage.

If you value your lawn, make sure you put the fire basket on a plinth of some sorts, four paving slabs pushed together for example. Otherwise you will singe your lawn.

How do I start a fire in my Fire basket?

Newspaper and kindling (small pieces of dry wood) are the best way to get a fire started. Once your fire is roaring you can throw on items that are more difficult to burn.

Can I reuse old fuel?

You can use ash from no-toxic fires to fertilize soil. It is very difficult to reuse fuel for a fire unless it did not burn completely. Best practice is to clear the old fire and start fresh.

How do I put my Fire basket out?

If you really need to put your fire out prematurely, then water is your best option. Otherwise let the fire burn out naturally.

How do I need to clean my Fire basket?

Some of our Fire basket range come with a sliding ash tray which is a quick and easy way to dispose of the main bulk of waste post fire. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the frame and leave it in a cool dry place. Over time you might find rust spots which can be removed with a soft wire brush.

Do I need to protect my Fire basket from rain/water?

It’s advisable to store your fire basket in a dry place when not in use. But a tall fire pit cover is the best way to prolong the life of your product. To go a step further, apply matte black protective paint once a year for the best outcome.

Is it safe to cook food on my Fire basket? Do I need any special kind of fuel?

Yes, absolutely. However, it’s important to use nontoxic wood and/or charcoal as fuel when cooking or BBQ’ing your food on your firebasket. The distance from the fire’s heat and the grill is significant so a firebasket would be best for last minute flame grilling.

While you can cook with a firebasket, if cooking is your primary goal, you might be better off buying a chimenea or firebowl instead, as firebaskets are more suitable for creating heat and/or burning waste.